Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


When does the online registration for Kuching Marathon 2024 open?

08 November 2023

When does the registration for Kuching Marathon 2024 close?

Upon happening closing date or allocated slots have been fully taken (whichever come earlier) for each category. The closing for each and every category of runs will be announced by the Organiser.

Can I help my friend to register?

Yes, up to 10 participants at one time.

How do I register for corporate registration?

For corporate registration, kindly email us at

Can I get refund if I cancel my entry?

No refund allowed for any cancellation for whatsoever reason.

Can I transfer my entry to my friend or family member?

No. All registrations are non-transferrable.

Can I defer my entry to next year if I am unable to run this year?


If I provide medical documentation of my injury or pregnancy, will you give me a refund?


What category does Kuching Marathon 2024 offer?

42KM Full Marathon, 21KM Half Marathon, 10KM Run and 5KM Run

Can I change my category after registration?


How can I make a change to my registration information (i.e. misspelling, address, e-mail, T-shirt size)?

Kindly email us at

I did not receive any confirmation email after I have successful register. Can you resend to me?

Yes, we can resend to you. Kindly email us at

I have received a notification from my bank that my credit card transaction is successful. However, I did not receive any confirmation email. How do I go about it?

Kindly email us at with supporting information and transaction details.

Do I need to provide my personal best time in order to register for 42KM Full Marathon or 21KM Half Marathon?

No. You just have to provide us the estimated finishing time for 42KM only.

I need an official receipt for my registration. How do I request for it?

Please email us at

It seem like I can’t make payment using my credit card. Do you have any other online payment option?

Other than credit card, you can use Internet Banking for major Malaysia banks and PayPal.

I am interested in group registration. Is there any special offer/discount for group registration fee?

For any group registration of 50 participants and above, please email to to find out more about special offer/discount.
Courier Services are limited to Malaysia only.  In the event that you do not receive the Race Kit the Organising Committee will not be held liable. Please ensure that the address provided is accurate. POSTAL BOX addresses are not valid.

Price is not inclusive 6% GST


What is the route for the category options offered?

Please visit the ROUTE page.
What is the age requirement for each category?

What is cut-off time?


What would be the weather like during race day?

It would be a typical tropical weather with estimated temperature ranging from 24 degree Celsius to 32 degree Celsius.

How many water station will be on the route?

There would be a minimum of 18 water stations for full marathon route. The actual number will be announce prior to race day.

How far apart is the water stations for half marathon and full marathon?

Estimated 2.5KM – 3.0KM apart of each water station.

How many aids station will be on the route?

There would be a minimum of 12 aids station for full marathon route. The actual number will be announce prior to race day.

I’m a Muslim. Is there any Subuh prayer mat or place for subuh prayer along the route?


Is there any food available on the route?

Yes. Certain designated station which will be stated in the route map.

Can I run with my iPod/smartphone?


Can I run with my Garmin GPS or my Nike Plus device?


What is NOT allow on the route?

Please refer to Rules and Regulations of Kuching Marathon.

Where can I store my belongings during my run?

You can store at the Drop zone area.

Can I wear something else other than the official running vest?

Yes but we highly recommend you to wear the official running vest.

Are bikes/baby joggers/stroller/wheelchair/pets allowed on the route?


Do I need to provide my personal best time in order to register for 42KM Full Marathon or 21KM Half Marathon?

No. You just have to provide us the estimated finishing time for 42KM only.

I’m driving to the event. Where can I park my car?

You may park at certain designated car parks nearby the race venue.


What is the running vest size dimension?

Please refer to the T-Shirt page.

What category has finisher t-shirt for the qualified finisher?

42KM and 21KM only.

Can I change my running vest size after my registration?

Yes and it must be done within the timeline given. No running vest size change allowed after the timeline.

Can I change my finisher t-shirt if I think is not suitable for me?



How do I register myself as volunteer for Kuching Marathon?

Please click here to register yourself as KM2024 Volunteer.

What is my task/job as a volunteer?

You will be assigned the tasks such as to handle race pack collection, medal/finishers tee distribution, prize presentation ceremony, water station, cheer group and etc.

Do I entitle anything for joining as a volunteer?

Yes, you will be entitle to a Volunteer T-Shirt, Free Meal and Certificate.

How will I know if I am chosen as a volunteer?

We will contact you for the briefing.


Is Kuching Marathon presented according to official Gun time or Net time?

Gun time.

How should I wear my bib/timing chip?

Bib/Timing chip should be worn in front (chest area) at all time.

Do all categories have timing chip?

Yes except 5KM

I have lost my bib/timing chip. Can I request for a replacement?

Request for replacement of bib/timing chip will not be entertained.

I have accidentally bended my timing chip. I afraid it might not working. Can I request for a replacement?


How long will the result to be published?
Do you provide any certificate of participation?

Yes. We provide e-Certificate.

I have record and track my own timing. I found out that my official timing has a big different with my own records. Can I request to change my timing?


What is the winner prizes for Kuching Marathon?

To be announce soon.

I might be the potential winner. What should I present in order to get the prizes?

Please refer to Rules and Regulations of Kuching Marathon.


I’m first time coming to Kuching. What is the best hotel you can recommend to me for this event?

There are plenty of hotels, motels, BB within the walking distance from race venue; Padang Merdeka for you to choose.

Do I need VISA to Kuching?

No VISA is required for Singaporean, Bruneian to enter Sarawak. Kindly check the Official Website of Department of Immigration of Malaysia for full details on which countries are exempted from applying VISA for entering Malaysia

I heard that West Malaysian need passport to visit Kuching. Is that true?

Not true. West Malaysian can use NRIC to enter Sarawak.

How far is airport from the race venue?

It’s approximately 10KM apart.

How much is the taxi fee from airport to the event venue?

It costs about RM35 per trip.


When is the race pack collection date?

Race pack collection will take place 3 days before race day from 24 October till 26 October 2024.

What is the option we have for getting/receiving the race pack?

You can self-collect or get your friends and families to collect on your behalf. If your friend is collecting on your behalf, kindly get your friend to bring a copy of your registration confirmation chit and present at race pack collection centre. Your friend will be given a copy of Collection On Behalf Form to be completed before he/she is allowed to collect the race pack on your behalf

I can’t make it on time to collect my race pack. Can you deliver to my hotel?



I’m interested to become a sponsor for Kuching Marathon. How should I go about it?

Kindly contact us at